Topic Intelligence

Leverage The Most Advanced Social Intelligence Engine

Frrole's topic intelligence engine analyzes 100s of millions of universal data sets in real-time by performing extensive analysis across semantic, metadata and statistical dimensions. It leverages standard and custom-built algorithms around ML, NLP, NER and clustering to do this analysis.

While most social analytics products provide results based on statistics and the first level of NLP, Frrole builds semantic context for each topic and ties it up with information available in the general and historical data sets.

Analyze Topics Across Following Parameters

How can I find the localities where my customers are unhappy with my delivery?, Which of my products is not in 3 most liked players in its segment?, How do I determine the most severe issues my customers are complaining about?, What are the categories and topics that my target customers like the most?, How is the demand for this segment evolving in 10 largest cities in the country?, How can we combine social signals with other enterprise data to get combined insights?

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