At Frrole, we believe in the power of data intelligence to transform lives.

Frrole's Social Intelligence Platform currently analyzes almost half a billion data units every month, using the derived insights to create solutions for brands, media and entertainment verticals. We take pride in our ability to answer fuzzy questions, when almost all traditional data analytics stops at providing statistical and keyword based answers.

We also believe that we are just getting started.

And that the ability of deep intelligence to impact industries is at best under-estimated.


Abhishek Vaid

Abhishek Vaid Engineering & Technology

Abhishek takes care of Engineering and Technology at Frrole. He comes to Frrole from a background in academia and research, where he has instructed courses in Data Mining, Algorithm Design and AI for graduate students and authored more than five research papers.

He is an avid movie and music buff and can be seen strumming his guitar, doing cycling heists or engaging in serious discussions on philosophy during his spare time. He holds a B.S and M.S. from IIITM, Gwalior.

Nishith Sharma

Nishith Sharma Marketing & Operations

Nishith takes care of all Marketing and Biz-ops at Frrole. He is a marketing expert who has held various national positions at Jaguar Land Rover, Tata Motors and Infosys Technologies in the past.

He is an avid reader, an amateur photographer and a fitness lover. He is also passionate about movies, music, travelling and history. He holds a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from IIM Kozhikode.

Amarpreet Kalkat

Amarpreet Kalkat Product & Business

Kalkat looks after Product and Business at Frrole. He is a die-hard product guy and has built more than 8 consumer and web products during his last 12 years in the technology industry.

Outside of Frrole, Kalkat spends a serious amount of time trying to be an endurance athlete, biker and racer, although he does not succeed as much at any of them as he had like to. He holds a B.Tech. in Computer Science from Punjabi University, Patiala and an MBA from IIM Kozhikode.


Andy Vogel

Andy Vogel

Andy Vogel is currently the SVP of Premium Advertising at Smaato. Previously, he has been the SVP of Digital and Mobile at The Tribune Company where he was responsible for converged media executions across LA Times and Chicago Tribune, amongst others. He has spent around 25 years in the publishing and media space, starting with Gannett in early 90s.

Andy advises Frrole on market reach and product fitment.

Rishab Malik

Rishab Malik

Rishab Malik is currently an EIR at GSF India and an Investment Advisor at GITP Pte Ltd. He has previously founded and ran multiple technology startups, including Figr and The Hub.

Rishab advises Frrole on investor and industry relations.

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